Every partnership is a unique combination of what each party brings to the table. These are the things I bring to the table:

— Fully Embeddable

Think of me as a new team-member, working closely with collaborators and adapting to existing processes and shifting roles. Working remotely, making progress, and in the office when it counts.

— Giving Form to Thought

My job is to create something we can react to. I'll even edit things right in front of you, adjusting to feedback and testing new ideas in real time, with zero lag.

— In it for the Long Hual

Where some see a neat hand-off I see an extended role of support - sheppherding a project toward completion, adjusting according to technical constraints, getting into the code-base, guaging feedback from stakeholders, and testing final products.

— Seeing the Big Picture

Individual projects can be incredibly complex but I thrive on the relationships between projects, how they relate to larger strategies, how systems together accomplish goals and produce meaningful outcomes.

Up for new partnerships in education, clean energy, healthcare and anything else ripe with meaningful problems to solve.


— Envisioning

Laying the groudwork for successful products with design thinking from the start. I'll assist in organizing early ideas into an array of visual forms to better define potential paths forward.

— Prototyping

Building focused experiments to interact with, improve and scrap. Instead of designing how it looks we'll design how it works. Testing assumptions about user experience will get us a long way towards a great product.

— Design

Designing how a product works from top to bottom. We'll work together to organize and pare down features for a more focused and effective product, always keeping empathy with the end user as our guiding principle.

— Development

Spanning the critical gap between idea and execution. I can help convert designs to code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I'll gladly partner with an in-house dev team or additional freelancers to see the project through to the end.