Sharing Solar Power

I haven’t gotten the opportunity to work with a client in renewable energy but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about the sorts of things we could build together.

I want to work on a tool that helps owners of solar panels monitor their production and consumption of energy and manage how that energy is sold back to power companies or even shared with friends and neighbors.

Ikea in the UK has started a solar panel program with Hanergy. If and when this comes to the US I’d love to be involved in designing and building some of that software.

Freelance as a Service

Instead of just showing off past work, these consultants have focused on turning their service offering into a story and using past work only to support that story.

This new type of portfolio improves the clarity of what is being offered and why it's valuable. Instead of a portfolio, their website's look more like a store or product page.

Freelance as a Service by Robert Williams of Workshop

I read this article several times over. Lots to be picked up and utilized in different ways.

The Specialization of Poetry, “Standing by Words,” Wendell Berry, pp. 21-22

Perhaps the time has come to say that there is, in reality, no such choice as Yeats’s “Perfection of the life, or of the work.” The division implied by this proposed choice is not only destructive; it is based upon a shallow understanding of the relation between work and life. The conflicts of life and work, like those of rest and work, would ideally be resolved in balance: enough of each. In practice, however, they probably can be resolved (if that is the word) only in tension, in a principled unwillingness to let go of either, or to sacrifice either to the other. But it is a necessary tension, the grief in it both inescapable and necessary. One would like, one longs in fact, to be perfect family man and a perfect workman. And one suffers from the inevitable conflicts. But whatever one does, one is not going to be perfect at either, and it is better to suffer the imperfection of both than to gamble the total failure of one against an illusory hope of perfection in the other. The real values of art and life are perhaps best defined and felt in the tension between them.

Work/Life Balance - Design Intellection

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