I can’t recall whose tweet lead me to it (as so often happens) but thank you to whoever it was. I found myself on Octobox’s page on Assembly, the platform for collaboratively creating software, and from there I was hooked. A beautiful, working bookmarking system that championed the importance of users owning their data by storing it all in Dropbox. And since it was on Assembly the potential is there for me to contribute to its success beyond just being a user. So I’m going to jump in and see how I can lend a hand.

Project Ara


Project Ara really is a phone for the future. With an endoskeleton and customizable modules to attach and swap, this phone epitomizes openness in hardware and future-friendly design. Third party developers can even create components for the phone by following a set of guidelines.

New Deal Design worked on the project and put up an interesting case study.

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