Netness - Cyborg Anthropology

  1. Everything wants to be connected (or at least to be able to “converse” frictionlessly on an ad hoc basis)

  2. The more things are connected (able to communicate) the better things work.

  3. As connectivity becomes ubiquitous, systems (networks) become fields… connectivity fields…

  4. A new class or state of connectivity is emerging which i’ve been calling “entangled” (many threaded, loosely but deeply connected) as in entangled conversations, lives, communities, networks…

  5. As networks become fields, as lives and things become entangled, two worlds > the world of atoms and the world of bits < become one, greatly enhancing future opportunity and potential capability of all participants

  6. The ability to connect, coordinate, collaborate and share easily everywhere on an ad hoc basis is now replacing Moore’s Law as the most important source of opportunity.”

Netness - Cyborg Anthropology