2014 National Civic Day of Hacking

Over the weekend I participated in Hack for Change Baltimore as a part of this year’s National Civic Day of Hacking.

I went in with a few ideas including tackling Code for America’s Digital Front Door Challenge but ended up working with the talented Anand Thakker on something completely different.


Building off of Anand’s initial prototype, we created a free-form exploration tool for BNIA’s neighborhood data. The small multiples allow users to browse the neighborhood indicators by geography.

Since the event, Anand and I have continued to enhance the tool with histograms showing the distribution of values across the map and scatter plots comparing any two data sets. You can also select individual neighborhoods and track them across visualizations.

We're still in the process of building the tool, adding and taking away features, so if you have any ideas for it don't hesitate to get in touch or fork the project on Github.