GOOD Magazine Relaunch


GOOD Magazine has undergone a transformation recently, refocusing on its mission as a journal for the global citizen. In the nearly 10 years since it’s start, GOOD has been unafraid to try new things, which may have gotten it slightly lost along the way. Now, the global climate has prompted it to go back to its roots and relaunch with renewed focus on featuring the stories and people shaping our world.

The spring and summer journals are carefully considered volumes with a great variety of content. There are single-spread profiles, revealing discussions and even some short-fiction for your enjoyment. The magazines feel a little slim to be quarterly but this may be because they’re also slim on advertising.


Aside from some odd design choices (lots of rotated text?) the new GOOD seems to be a great improvement. It’s once again the magazine for people who give a damn. Consider subscribing today.